Stolen Titles – Unist’ot’en – CGL Eviction

Look at the signatures closely.

Let us begin with remembering there was an sworn affidavit to the BC Supreme Court that Darlene Glaim (the true Chief Woos as passed down by Roy Morris the Chief Woos that testified at the Delgamuukw land claims trial. Darlene aka as Chief Woos signed a statement that the Unist’ot’en built their blockade on her land, the House of Casyex.

Therefore it is the Unist’ot’en that are trespassing on the Casyex territory. The real Chief Woos already approved of CGL crossing their hereditary claimed lands.

Likewise the real chief Smogelgem, who inherited the title from Lenard George, also one of the plaintiffs in the Delgamuukw land claims trial also approved of CGL crossing their hereditary claimed lands.

Now look at the 4 individual who signed the eviction notice, two of the four are from stolen titles, the other is from the man who claims to lead the Office, he was never elected to do so. His name is John Ridsdale.

The last name on that document is from Warner William who spent almost his entire life logging the Morice River watershed. That income was not shared with the community; this was for personal gain only.

its high time the Wet’suwet’en people are allowed their destiny by way of voting, one person one vote, NOT 4 chiefs calling all the shots, including who gets to play chief.

Its also high time these 4 were charged with obstruction of justice.

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