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Updated 11-25-2021
NOTE: Dan has chosen to rename his blog from Skeena Strong to TheSkeena.

In the last few years or so there has been a wave of radical and left wing groups, Facebook Pages, organizations, and extremist websites.

Dan Mesec is the owner and webmaster for Skeena Strong falls in a category of its own, its a mix of genuine (Kispiox/Hazelton) community news, where one can promote both leftist as current chairman for the Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP Association, with a focus on highlighting the activities of Eco-radical groups and their membership using a positive spin. We are  including Skeena Strong because of its close ties to SkeenaWild, Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition and Raven Trust. (All connected to the Tides Foundation)

We cannot verify or deny that it receives funding from Eco-Radial organization via their funnel trough programs. Tides is as good at hiding who they fund in a sort of money laundering scheme  where charitable eco-radicals are passing on money. Example on this website they promote the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition and Raven Trust funded “Chicken Project” however no mention is made if this is free or paid advertisements. Yet both organizations are funded by the Tides Foundation

Dan Mesec comes from Brampton, Ontario, his education as per what he claims is -Loyalist College, Belleville, Ontario Obtained 2yr diploma in Photojournalism spring 2007 Obtained 1yr certificate Online Publishing/Editing winter 2008

After graduation in 2008, he was the Photographer/Webmaster  in 2008 for The Slovenia Times in Ljubljana, Slovenia

March 2009–Dec 2010  He worked as a sport reporter for Interior News Smithers
In 2011 Dan worked a short stint at Whistlers BC as a reporter
Jan 2012–Dec 2012 He worked as a sport reporter for Interior News Smithers
In 2013 – Aug 2013 he worked at Vista Radio in Smithers as a reporter

As he does not say where he has worked since 2013 we have no starting date on when he began work at SkeenaWild Conservation Trust as the Communication coordinator. Dan also writes articles for the The Discourse where he takes care to not disclose his biased position, and talks as if he is open to both sides of the debate. Its pretty much all in the bag, opinion that is when you are chairman for the Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP Association, and at the same time you are the Communication coordinator of SkeenaWild Conservation Trust.

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