Friends of Wild Salmon – Eco-Radical Organizations

Friends of Wild Salmon – Eco-Radical Organizations

Friends of Wild Salmon

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Do not let the truth get in your way about these guys

When we research the records on Canada Revenue Agency we found some inconvenient truths about who is who.
When we research the records on Canada Revenue Agency we found some inconvenient truths about who is who.

So the blatant stark reality is that the Northwest Institute for Bioregional Research are one and the same as the Friends of Wild Salmon. I wonder if the membership of Friends of Wild Salmon know they are being micro managed by the Northwest Institute for Bioregional Research and or that elected Government knows the hide and seek games they play? That said  we will post the financial records below, as they both share the same records.

Again we will try to compile a list of people who run the show, as they seem to require that they need to hide the truth about exactly who is behind this yet another unnamed “concerned” citizens group. Seriously if an organization needs to hide who is running it, then it very likely people trying to pull off illegitimate stunts.

Again our research shows its run by the following people. (we can confirm the following thanks to the private audience given to them by the Government of British Columbia through Scott Bailey, Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) Imagine that the NDP now allows Eco Radical organizations to have an inside voice in British Columbia’s goverment. There were a few more in attendance, their objective at that meeting was to influence changes to the Environmental Assessment (EA) process, behind the backs of BC citizens. All of the following declared to be official representatives of their declared organization.


Listed with Canada Revenue as Trusties (based on 2019)

  • Thomas Buri – Director
  • Phil Burton – Director
  • Richard Overstall – Director
  • Jim Pojar – Director
  • Kathleen Ruff – Director


From their website – Our Resolution – During the spring and summer FOWS sponsored presentations and displays at a variety of events around the region and collected signatures on resolutions calling for a halt to fish farm development in the north. In November a delegation from Friends of Wild Salmon went to Victoria to present 5,000 resolutions to the BC Legislature.

They admit to being partnered with the following organizations, they are without exception all products of the Tides Foundation. It is staggering that there are so many organizations dedicated to killing of the jobs here in the north. Its like a gangster mob show.

Fair Mining Collaborative
Northern Confluence (one man band by Nikki Scuse)
Rivers Without Borders
Sierra Club BC
Wilderness Committee
Amnesty International Canada
Center for Science in Public Participation
Kamloops Code Blue
David Suzuki Foundation
First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining
Raven Trust
SkeenaWild Conservation Trust
West Coast Environmental Law Association
British Columbia Environmental Network
Clayoquot Action
CCof Quesnel Lake
Dogwood BC
Environmental Law Centre Society


Screenshot from the Financial Post


Below are the declared financial records as given to Revenue Canada, look at those numbers, over a MILLION DOLLAR SPENDING SPREE to block industry in our backyard.


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These pages for radicals are in a state of flux, we will update them as we acquire more information, or the information changes.

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