Sleydo –  Molly Wickham’s Little White Lies

Sleydo –  Molly Wickham’s Little White Lies

Note all links with videos, go to videos the protesters themselves posted online. In case they ever try to deny it we are keeping copies on file. We are kind of applying that rule, everything you say and do will be held against you in the court of public opinion. If only they could be stopped from profiting from the crimes they commit, it would already be a better world.

In order to try gain traction for her own million dollar GoFundMe pipe dream far be it from Molly to tell some very tall tales, deceit and outright lies. In one of her previous videos they have imported “white settlers” from somewhere else in the province screaming like a stuck pig (the guy on the far left) at every opportune moment while police were simply pulling him out from under the bus he had affixed himself to illegally. Molly describes this in her public statements as “the RCMP has utilized excessive use of force and torturous pain compliance on land defenders” also known as imported goons in our backyard, as no respectable Wet’suwet’en  will play that part for Molly and her goon squad. Note the obstruction of police officers, also a criminal offence.

are now occupying the road into the drill pad site in violation of the Supreme Court Injunction

Something missing from the conversation is that Molly and her goon squad are now occupying the road into the drill pad site in violation of the Supreme Court Injunction, and the RCMP as well as the security for CLG have both advised everyone on that site that they must remove their belongings and vacate the area they are now illegally trespassing on. They illegally stole/hijacked company equipment to destroy and blockade the road to the drill pad site. (watch the video)

For the record its not “Coyote Camp” its the drill pad site for tunnelling under the Morice River by some of the most qualified people in the world.

Without question they are intentionally impeding, restricting, counselling others to impede, you read what is the law, posted below. Not to forget all the other criminal code violations they seem to get away with.

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Then in a subsequent video Molly’s uses a goon squad dressed in camouflage gear intentionally trying to hide their identities, try bully the RCMP by blocking their legal entry on the road to the drill pad site. Molly’s words “using violence against our security guards.”

The latest outright lie and deceit comes from their latest propaganda video. Using Molly’s words “Today, the RCMP came to Coyote Camp and emptied our water cisterns threatening to arrest anyone who tried to stop them.” The cisterns they are referring to was fire suppression equipment and non potable water, if they drink it they could get sick. You can clearly see on the side of the largest tank “PAPC” it stands for Pacific Atlantic Pipeline Construction, it was stolen by Molly and her goon squad.

Then look at the other tank Molly claims is hers, what equipment did they steal to unload that one, and a good question that the press needs to ask is was that also a stolen tank from the Pacific Atlantic Pipeline Construction Company? As for the joke about genocide, listen closely what the officer really said, not what Molly puts in his mouth. Its also there, they forgot to edit it out, yes Molly we have a copy already. And its not as the video says just a supporter, it is Molly’s voice near the end of the video claiming ownership.

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