“Molly Wickham is not a Wet’suwet’en”

“Molly Wickham is not a Wet’suwet’ten”


Looks like Molly has had more than one run in with Blastpro Construction

It seems we have some disagreement from the Office of Wet’suwet’en regarding one of their key spokesman. In the article “The Office Chiefs have lost their Wet’suwet’en way” we disclosed how Molly’s father is as white as the rest of white man settlers always being lectured for abuse by Molly herself. She is in fact a “professional protestor” earning a very lucrative income at the expense of society.

Molly Wickham is not a Wet’suwet’en at all, Molly is part Gitxsan and Stellat’en, and has a husband who is Haida. She comes from the House of Spoox a Gitxsan house in Hagwilget on her mothers side and has a Caucasian father. We are constantly being reminded by her and other anarchists & obstructionists about white settlers and her dad is one of them.

Molly’s “colonizer” father Don Wickham says he supports her actions.

Now it appears the Office of Wet’suwet’en disagree with us, so I would challenge them to add some proof to the table that we are wrong. I sure would like to see the evidence that Don Wicham is a status Wet’suwet’en so I can apologize for being wrong.

The so called adoption comes with a twist, Wet’suwet’en Law as spelled out in Eagle Down is our Law” shows clear rules regarding adoption. An adopted child may never speak on behalf of their clan or nation, nor may they hold title as a Herditary Chief.

But then again breaking with Wet’suwet’en Law is what keeps these chiefs in power.

Now posted on their website.

“Her matrilineal ancestors have been intermarried into the Wet’suwet’en since the early 1900s and have lived on Witsuwit’en yin tah since that time.”

Well that was not really true either, as Molly’s mother was adopted and not before she was born, look at the birth mothers age, it could not be from before her date of birth. Molly on the other hand had all of her schooling funded by the Stellat’en Band and that would not be possible without an active membership by Molly’s mother.

Sounds like a new dual citizenship for some (privileged) people regardless of ancestral background. In some ways its almost a free dual citizenship for all Stellat’en band members as well as all Gitxsan band members.

Yet the plight of the ordinary Wet’suwet’en members remains wishful thinking that the members of the Office of Wet’suwet’en will find their golden goose and ticket to financial independence where one will never have to own a job again.

I highly suggest people stop believing in fairy tails to budget your future.

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  1. We received the following comments by email and feel it verifies what we have been saying and contradicting the misleading information posted on the Office of Wet’suwet’en website.

    “Molly and her sister’s education were both paid for by Stellat’en First Nation as they were members there until recently. I fail to see how she can be Wet’suwet’en since the early 1900’s… I suppose wherever she can get the most benefits is where she goes. I might add since her sister Jen Wickham started receiving a lot of attention with her gofund me account she now goes by Jen Skin”

    • Interested in finding out more about why you are deleting comments from other Wet’suwet’en members who may not agree with you? I saw several posts a few days ago about this article questioning the racial perspective put forth. Care to explain?

      • We do not ever need to delete comments, they only appear ONLY if we approved them first.

        If we reject them, they were probably rejected for using a phony email address or from being sent from outside of our region.
        If we determine you are real, and respectful we may publish your comments, note this is not a public bulletin board, you do not have rights here, only privileges.
        Please read our policy in regards to comments.

        So you have a vivid imagination about what you read. Or more bluntly put your lying through your teeth so for entertainment we are responding.


    • Any House of any Nation who operates on a House system can adopt any kdy I to their House as any Nation can. A Chief can make any member speaker. The role of speaker can be taken away as well. The role of speaker has no authority, all they do is speak because they have been trusted to spew on behalf of the House by the House Chief. If the House Chief did indeed adopt her and make her House speaker or somebody in her family is Wet’suwet’en by blood, the she could be made speaker. When you are adopted you cannot rank up to be a Chief, but a speaker is not a Chief or a Matriach.

  2. You have a very informative site. I actually stumbled on your site while researching the internal issues currently causing grief to the Wet’suwet’en community. It has been difficult to get all the facts as it seems they suppressed by certain media.

    Thank you for your efforts to get the other views out to the public.

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