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The photo below showing our (now) NDP MP  Taylor Bachrach was collaborating with Dogwood’s Will Horter into manipulation First Nations secretly into backing the ban on tankers, clearly this was never the brainchild of the then NDP MP Nathan Cullen, but a deep underground manipulation carefully orchestrated to make it appear as if First Nations originated the idea and they were just supporting First Nations ideals. Funny how confessions on Facebook come to light when people cannot resist bragging about their accomplishments.

This is the kind of smut national scandals are made of with both NDP MP Nathan Cullen and Taylor Bachrach in it up to their necks.

Dogwood’s Will Horter. Note he says 17 years ago they started working on the FNs…privately…then did a public Tanker Ban campaign.
Please remember this names, they are all part of an environmentalist conspiracy to “use” our First Nations and manipulate them into being the people who were behind the ban. Exactly what kind of information was shared and what kind of Tides Foundation money was expended?

Jessica Clogg is West Coast Environmental Law’s Executive Director and Senior Counsel, Executive Director of what is now Dogwood Initiative, the late Bruce Hill led the Headwaters Initiative Project, a project of Tides Foundation.

Below is a letter that borders extortion against Petronas, and it shows that the Eco-radicals are only supporting our First Nations, however we now know it was the other way around where they got the chiefs to sign and opposed the PNW LNG. In another online post a member of the SkeenaWild Conservation Trust bragged about how they supplied all the protestors with boats.

“It is has been nearly four months since the occupation began. In the beginning, interactions between occupiers and the PNW LNG-hired surveyors were relatively peaceful, consisting of escorting surveyors off Flora Bank and brief boat-to-boat interactions. However, tempers have flared over the last month. Occupiers yell across the water, demanding that workers get lost, while survey boats resort to constant video surveillance. One worker held up a grappling hook while the boats circled one another during a late-night confrontation. Boats have made physical contact. Boatloads of surveyors pass the island with their hands covering their faces while a designated videographer rolls to catch any angry words cast by the occupiers. The RCMP boat has been out patrolling the area regularly.”


The Dogwood Initiative is a non-profit organization that campaigns against coal and also plays a lead role in the anti-pipeline, Tar Sands Campaign. Created by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Tides Foundation and other U.S. foundations, The Tar Sands Campaign aims to sabotage the Canadian oil industry by undermining investor confidence and “land-locking” oil sands crude within North America so that it cannot reach overseas markets where it could fetch a higher price per barrel. U.S. foundations that support this campaign have paid Dogwood at least $2.7 million (2008 – 2016).

Dogwood claims to have helped elect seven mayors during the 2014 municipal elections in B.C. Dogwood also claims to have helped to defeat eight Conservative incumbents in the 2015 federal election. In B.C.’s 2017 provincial election, Dogwood helped to make “corporate cash” a central issue and got voters to the polls in key ridings, especially in Vancouver. It follows that one of the many factors in election outcomes in Canada is a U.S.-funded campaign to keep Canada over a barrel.

For 2016/2017, Dogwood’s total revenue was $1.6 million, up four-fold since 2010. According to the analysis presented here, funding from U.S. foundations accounted for roughly 15% of Dogwood’s total revenue for 2016. With 260,000 supporters, most of whom are Canadian, Dogwood has came to the point that with or without U.S. funding, Dogwood can influence elections at all levels of government.

Screenshot from the Financial Post


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